Top 5 Spurs leaders in blocked shots

As Victor Wembanyama completes his rookie season, we take a look at the top 5 Spurs players with the most blocked shots in franchise history.
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3) George Gervin - 938 blocks

You have now reached the Top 3 of the team's greatest rim protectors, where you will see more well-known names who have played for the team for longer periods, giving them a greater chance of increasing their numbers and leaving a lasting impact. Coming in at third place is The Iceman, whose position as a shooting guard sets him apart from the rest of the centers on this list.

Gervin is considered by many to be the first great player of the franchise, and he has the merits to be so. In addition to contributing in many other areas of the game, Gervin's versatility made him the third-best blocker in Spurs history after playing 12 seasons with the team. Despite sharing a locker room with Billy Paultz and his defensive power, Gervin also proved that his position didn't stop him from preventing opponents' shots from reaching the rim.

Although he never averaged more than 1.6 blocks per season with the Spurs, his consistency propelled him to the top of this statistic. Gervin demonstrated his value on both offense and defense, which is why he stayed with the Spurs for practically his entire career.