Three Spurs who would lose minutes due to NBA draft results

With the 2024 NBA draft on the horizon, we look at three San Antonio Spurs players whose roles may decrease following the results.
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2. Tre Jones

The Spurs will more than likely take a guard in the upcoming draft. They're known to be 'big fans' of UConn's Stephon Castle, which states their intention to find a true starting point guard for the future and Kentucky's Rob Dillingham has been openly campaigning to be a Spur.

No disrespect to Tre Jones, but he is not cut out to be the star point guard of the future. However, he's the perfect backup, as his ability to take care of the basketball and his tenacity on every play are things you can't teach and are traits every team looks for.

While the former Duke Blue Devil has developed some great qualities in his game since arriving in the 2-1-0, his biggest flaw is that he's never developed an outside shot or had that killer scorer's mindset. You won't see him take defenders off the dribble or create space for open looks, but he's a guard who plays off the fundamentals, can run the pick-and-roll, and facilitates the floor.

That said, San Antonio is looking to make Jones the backup point guard by taking one of Castle, Dillingham, Nikola Topic, or Devin Carter, all players with traits Jones lacks. Selecting one of these players would significantly improve the guard depth and push Tre to the second unit, providing that group with a guy who's been a starter for a few years and has gained experience managing an offense and closing down the stretch.

1. Malaki Branham

The third-year Ohio native began his career with some high hopes, potentially looking like one of the steals of the draft by displaying his young upside by scoring the ball from all three levels of the floor. Unfortunately, his second season would be a trend in the wrong direction, as he was one of the worst defenders in the league and consistently struggled to put points on the board.

While that raw ability to score is still present, it's yet to become a constant staple of his game, and the minutes he received were too much for some of the box scores he was displaying.

Not only was his past season not one to remember, but another young guard, Blake Wesley, started taking significant leaps in his sophomore year. The former Notre Dame guard showed flashes of what could've reminded die-hards of old-school Dejounte Murray, a young guard with a heart of fire on the defensive end who wreaked havoc that resulted in buckets.

While his offensive game is yet to develop, some fundamental mechanics are in place, and his explosiveness off the dribble is one to keep your eyes on after he had quite an interesting rookie season; not in a good way.

If San Antonio decides to take the most dynamic scorer in the draft, Rob Dillingham, Branham's role may disappear entirely.

While both share similar flaws on the defensive end, Dilly's versatility in scoring the ball is uncanny and electrifying. He can go one-on-one with elite defenders, displaying his shiftiness and craftiness with the ball in his hands, explode off the dribble to finish over bigger defenders, and was an elite pick-and-roll scorer.

Branham's loss in minutes would also be a result of Tre Jones' insertion into the second unit, causing a domino effect. Moving him to shooting guard is possible, which may be a practical move for his play style; however, adding a talented scorer and Wesley's continual development may force Branham to take a step back.

There's only about a week until the draft, and there's still no clear picture as to where the Spurs are heading, but all our questions will be answered soon.