The three most crucial positions the Spurs must address in the upcoming draft

With many gaping holes in the San Antonio Spurs current roster, we discuss the three most important positions that need to be addressed in the upcoming draft.

2023 NBA Draft
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2. Both forward positions

Since Demar DeRozan's departure, San Antonio has not had a household name at either wing position, but especially at small forward. Jeremy Sochan's rise in his first two years is extremely promising. He's improved in every shooting category while being a rabid dog on the defensive end. The nickname 'The Polish Prison' is starting to take fame for what Sochan has begun doing on defense.

Aside from the two-time Rising Star, this Spurs squad has a noticeable lack of wing depth as Julian Champagnie holds a spot in the starting lineup, which may be a puzzling decision to some fans. Then Keldon Johnson follows off the bench as the sixth man, who has been struggling to find a rhythm lately.

This draft class is very wing-heavy, with talented international stars like Zaccharie Risacher and Alexandre Sarr and G-League names such as Ron Holland and Matas Buzelis. There is plenty to be excited about.

San Antonio owns the Toronto Raptors first-round pick, which, as long as that pick is outside of the top six, it'll convey to the Silver and Black. The latest mock draft from Bleacher Report has the Spurs acquiring that pick and selecting Matas Buzelis out of the G-League Ignite.

The 6'10 combo guard/forward is exceptionally versatile, with a unique ability to create separation and find shots he's comfortable with. Buzelis is a crafty scorer who's displayed his ability to score from all levels of the floor. He also has great defensive instincts to break up the passing lane and generate offense because of it.

If the Spurs were able to land both Dillingham and Buzelis, it would make a starting five of Dillingham, Vassell, Buzelis, Sochan, and Wembanyama, which could be filled with highlights and high-flying, fun basketball on a nightly basis.