This unorthodox bench lineup could be pure fun for Spurs

Keldon Johnson - San Antonio Spurs v Atlanta Hawks
Keldon Johnson - San Antonio Spurs v Atlanta Hawks / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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Youth and Athleticism in Excess

There's something utterly contagious about youthful energy, and this lineup has it in spades. Keldon Johnson and Sidy Cissoko are both superbly athletic wings with size and functional strength in excess that could wreak havoc in transition (see below), and even the smaller Malaki Branham has a surprisingly strong shoulder that he uses to create space in the half-court. 

Meanwhile, Bassey and Mamukelashvili are two bigs that possess impressive fluidity and mobility making them both strong rim-running threats. In Bassey’s case, he also has enough vertical pop to be a true lob threat, which could turn out to be a really fun sight to see next to Cissoko’s playmaking ability (which we’ll touch on later).

The oldest player in this lineup by the start of the season will be Mamukelashvili at only 24 years old, and that youth will certainly show. That lineup stands to be durable, highly conditioned, and more fast-paced than many opposing bench lineups.

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