This should be the Spurs' closing lineup going forward

San Antonio Spurs Jakob Poeltl, Devin Vassell
San Antonio Spurs Jakob Poeltl, Devin Vassell / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages
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San Antonio Spurs
Dejounte Murray, Alex Len / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

San Antonio Spurs Point Guard: Dejounte Murray

As I've previously written, Dejounte Murray is the closest thing to a closer the Spurs have at the moment. He's the only one that's been on the floor for every game that was tight with five minutes or fewer left, and he's done the most damage in that time.

Murray leads the team in multiple categories in clutch time situations, including field goals made (6) and attempted (17), assists (7), steals (2), and free throws made (3). He's also a no-brainer in any closing lineup, because, well, he's the Spurs' best player.

Dejounte's improved outside jumper makes him a threat to score from multiple areas of the floor, and his passing ability multiplies that threat. Defensively, he's also vital to the Spurs in that he can slow down opposing guards and come up with clutch steals or deflections.

San Antonio Spurs
San Antonio Spurs Keldon Johnson / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

San Antonio Spurs Small Forward: Keldon Johnson

What Keldon Johnson lacks in consistent outside shooting, he makes up for with hustle plays, rebounding, and overall energy. His constant drives should open up the outside for shooters, provided he's able to improve is passing out of those runs to the rim.

So far, Johnson doesn't seem to have the ability to read defenses on his drives and react accordingly. Instead, he seems either determined to shoot over the top even when a high percentage shot isn't available or telegraph his pass to the defense. Both of those aren't ideal results.

Still, Keldon is one of the hardest-working guys on the team, and he's capable of improving his weakpoints, just as he's recently done with his 3-point shooting.

Johnson shouldn't be a guy that you give the ball to and let him go to work late in games, but he'll make an impact in the intangible areas that don't always show up on the box score.

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