The Top 30 San Antonio Spurs of all time

Where will Victor Wembanyama land among the greatest players to ever don the Silver and Black?
San Antonio Spurs Tim Duncan, David Robinson
San Antonio Spurs Tim Duncan, David Robinson / ROBERT SULLIVAN/GettyImages
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3. George Gervin (1973-85)

Putting San Antonio basketball on the map with his unmatched scoring ability and swagger, George Gervin was one of the deadliest offensive players in history. Gervin was so dominant offensively that an opposing team literally held a promotion as an incentive to hold him under 30 points. It's safe to say it didn't work.

Boasting one of the greatest nicknames in sports, "Iceman", for his chill nature, everything Gervin did on and off the court just exuded coolness. From 1977-82, he lead the NBA in points per game in four of five seasons, highlighted by his average of 33.1 in 1979-80.

That still stands alone as the most points per game a Spur has ever averaged, and his 32.3 average two seasons later is second.

Even 37 years after his last game with San Antonio, Gervin is still:

  • 5th in games played, 4th in total minutes
  • 2nd in field goals
  • 3rd in free throws
  • 3rd in total rebounds
  • 6th in total assists
  • 3rd in total steals
  • 3rd in total blocks
  • 2nd in total points

Highlight: Gervin puts up a superhuman effort in the 1983 postseason, averaging 28.2 points and 7.8 rebounds in round one and 22.7 points in a six-game series loss to the Lakers in round two.

Without George, I'm not sure there'd still be a team in San Antonio today -- and that also applies to the gentleman at number two on the countdown.