The best player to wear each jersey number for the San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs vs Chicago Bulls - November 7, 2005
San Antonio Spurs vs Chicago Bulls - November 7, 2005 / Bill Smith/GettyImages
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The Single Digits

#9: Tony Parker

How could we honor anyone in this spot other than Tony Parker? The speedy Frenchman entered this organization an unpolished teenager and transformed himself into a perennial All-Star candidate. San Antonio might have fallen flat in the middle of their dynasty without his offensive firepower.

#8: Patty Mills

Mills is the perfect embodiment of "Spurs Culture." He was a fantastic teammate on and off the court, and his selfless attitude and fearless approach made him a beloved role player. Though the Australian point guard was never a star, he carried the torch as a leader when San Antonio needed it most.

#7: Fabricio Oberto

The Spurs cycled through numerous centers after David Robinson called it quits. But Fabricio Oberto was a consistent presence for San Antonio during his four-season stint with the ball club. Despite the modest nightly numbers, how can you argue against a starter on a championship contender?

#6: Avery Johnson

While Avery Johnson was often the shortest player on the court, he found success in San Antonio as a setup man for David Robinson and Tim Duncan. The Spurs hosted a jersey retirement ceremony for The Little General in 2007, and no one comes close to pushing him out of the picture here.

#5: Dejounte Murray

Dejounte Murray made immense developmental strides to become the latest homegrown All-Star for the Spurs. The lanky point guard is the all-time franchise leader in triple-doubles, and trading him last summer put San Antonio in a position to reset and win the Victor Wembanyama sweepstakes.

#4: Derrick White

Are there any Spurs fans that feel anything but unconditional love for Derrick White? He took charges with his chest, connected with open teammates, and defended superstars on a nightly basis. Though San Antonio sent him to the Celtics for draft assets, we hope he finds his way back to the 2-1-0.

#3: Keldon Johnson

Names like George Hill and Stephen Jackson might have given Keldon Johnson a run for his money a few years ago, but the 23-year-old slasher left them in the dust after leading the Spurs in scoring this season. Keep your eye on how the arrival of Wembanyama affects his role and efficiency.

#2: Kawhi Leonard

Before anyone gets up in arms about this selection, can we look at this from a less combative point of view? There is no denying Leonard left the Silver and Black in shambles. With that said, his NBA Finals MVP and Defensive Player of the Year Awards place him at the top of the totem pole.

#1: Rod Strickland

Younger Spurs fans might be unfamiliar with Rod Strickland, but his statistics with San Antonio speak for themself. The flashy floor general averaged 13.9 points and 8.2 assists across three seasons as a co-star for David Robinson. The team moved on from him after consecutive first-round exits.

#00: Johnny Moore

Moore dropped dimes as a starter for the Spurs from 1981 to 1987, and while he never earned an All-Star appearance, he set the tone with his unselfish style. He was teammates with David Robinson and George Gervin, and the Texas native served as an instrumental bridge between two exciting eras.