The best player to wear each jersey number for the San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs vs Chicago Bulls - November 7, 2005
San Antonio Spurs vs Chicago Bulls - November 7, 2005 / Bill Smith/GettyImages
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#19: Luka Samanic

Samanic and the Spurs had an unceremonious split less than two years after the front office selected him in the first round of the 2019 NBA Draft, so why is he on this list? San Antonio had a striking talent shortage at this number, and he had better numbers than Alize Johnson and Blake Ahearn.

#18: Marco Belinelli

Marco might be one of the most divisive players to call San Antonio home. Fans adored him for all the sharpshooting performances during his first go-round with the team, but that support faded once his production fell off a cliff in his second stint with the Spurs. Regardless, Belinelli is a champion.

#17: Brent Barry

Was there a better partner in crime to help Manu Ginobili direct the second unit than Brent Barry? The slender swingman handled pick-and-roll duties and spread the floor for the Spurs from 2004 to 2008, securing a couple of championship rings while becoming an instant fan-favorite role player.

#16: Pau Gasol

Gasol had an underwhelming tenure with the Spurs that ended with the organization waiving him from their roster less than halfway through his three-year extension. Though the Hall of Famer was past his prime in San Antonio, his numbers were enough to stave off Aron Baynes and Francisco Elson.

#15: Matt Bonner

We gave Vinny Del Negro genuine consideration here, and he had some solid seasons in San Antonio, but Matt Bonner takes the cake. The Red Mamba spent ten years of his career with the Spurs, and the long-distance marksman holds a special place in the hearts of every fan in the 2-1-0.

#14: Danny Green

Fan favorites have dominated this segment of our countdown, and Green is another familiar face who made a massive mark on the Spurs during the twilight of their empire. He was a perennial All-Defense candidate and an instrumental piece of the starting rotation for the 2014 title team.

#13: James Silas

James Silas, George Gervin, and Larry Kenon were staples for the Spurs as the franchise transitioned from the ABA to the NBA, but a debilitating meniscus tear left the electric point guard on the sidelines for two seasons. His resolve and improbable comeback make him the clear choice here.

#12: Bruce Bowen

Taking Bruce Bowen over LaMarcus Aldridge was an effortless decision. Though the latter earned All-Star nominations in San Antonio, the former had a direct hand in helping the Spurs secure three titles with his nauseating defense on generational scorers like Kobe Bryant and Dirk Nowitzki.

#11: Vernon Maxwell

Most basketball fans remember Vernon Maxwell for winning back-to-back with the Houston Rockets, but he also played 200 games for the San Antonio Spurs. Most of those matchups resulted in losses, and all that losing made it possible for Gregg Popovich and the front office to draft Tim Duncan.

#10: DeMar DeRozan

Jeremy Sochan might have a chance to unseat DeMar DeRozan one day, but this spot belongs to one of the craftiest midrange scorers in league history. The six-time All-Star blossomed into a remarkable mentor and magnificent distributor during his three seasons suiting up for the Spurs.