The best player to wear each jersey number for the San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs vs Chicago Bulls - November 7, 2005
San Antonio Spurs vs Chicago Bulls - November 7, 2005 / Bill Smith/GettyImages
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The Best of the 40s

#45: Chuck Person

Person was one of the forefathers of the three-ball, and he brought his sharpshooting to San Antonio during the 1994 offseason. Though DeJuan Blair gave him a run for his money here, it was impossible to ignore his impact coming off the bench for a Western Conference contender.

#44: George Gervin

Gervin is a no-brainer at this spot as the original face of the franchise. He carried this expansion team to perennial playoff appearances and turned San Antonio into a basketball haven. The Iceman has the individual accolades to compliment his undeniably buttery-smooth scoring repertoire.

#43: Frank Brickowski

No one would blame you for not recognizing the name Frank Brickowski. The bruising center was part of the lackluster generational overlap between the George Gervin and David Robinson era, eventually returning to the bench for the Spurs before ending his career as a journeyman.

#42: Davis Bertans

The Latvian Laser made a name for himself as one of the most versatile shooters in the NBA over his first three seasons in San Antonio. Bertans made 308 threes with the Spurs, nailing long-range shots sprinting in transition, navigating around screens, and relocating to the corners.

#41: Will Perdue

San Antonio didn't give us much to choose from here, and Will Perdue emerged victorious. The center was a situational starter and rebounding workhorse with the second unit. Spending four seasons with the Spurs makes him a reasonable choice ahead of Trey Lyles and Gorgui Dieng.

#40 Willie Anderson

Anderson had a promising start to his Spurs career, averaging 18.6 points, 5.1 boards, and 4.1 assists as a rookie. His production slipped each subsequent season, but none of the other candidates played as many games with San Antonio or matched his scoring or playmaking output.