The 6 most overpaid players in San Antonio Spurs history

Los Angeles Clippers v San Antonio Spurs
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5.) Rasho Nesterovic

Rasho Nesterovic is a name Spurs fans probably haven't heard in quite some time. San Antonio inked the seven-footer to a six-year $42 million contract during the 2003 offseason in a desperate effort to replace David Robinson after his retirement, but the move soon fell flat. Despite taking home another championship with the towering center on their roster, he was never worth the hefty price tag.

While the Spurs paid Nesterovic like a top 100 player in the NBA during his tenure with the franchise, his minutes and per-game numbers slipped each season as declining mobility and one-dimensional scoring turned him into an expendable asset. San Antonio recouped some value in a trade that sent him to Toronto for Matt Bonner, though not before dishing out $18.5 million for a so-so starter.