The 6 most overpaid players in San Antonio Spurs history

Los Angeles Clippers v San Antonio Spurs
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The NBA is full of millionaires who earn exorbitant salaries to play a simple game in front of thousands of screaming fans, so who could blame the average working-class person for believing these athletes are more than a little overpaid? Players have continued seeing their salaries zoom as media deals and ticket prices skyrocket, and that rise in revenue can lead to teams misspending their additional funds.

The San Antonio Spurs have always been one of the most financially responsible teams in the league, rarely breaking the bank to chase after household names on the free agent market. With that said, the front office has made periodic miscalculations since Gregg Popovich took the helm. So which players have cost the Silver and Black more money than they were worth over the last couple of decades?

6.) LaMarcus Aldridge

Kicking off this list with LaMarcus Aldridge feels wrong, but there is no way around the fact his nightly production failed to measure up to the three-year $72.3 million contract extension he signed with the Spurs in 2017. Rotator cuff surgery and an irregular heartbeat left him on the sidelines for most of his final two seasons in San Antonio, and the team played better without the seven-time All-Star.

Waning athleticism and limited availability made it easy for Gregg Popovich to replace LaMarcus with Jakob Poeltl in the starting lineup. Though both parties tried to make the most of the veteran coming off the bench, the front office ultimately negotiated a buyout. Aldridge was a steady presence for the Spurs in the aftermath of the Kawhi Leonard debacle, but his last deal was far from favorable.