The 6 best three-point shooters on the San Antonio Spurs heading into the season

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2. Devin Vassell

Many fans believe Devin Vassell could become the next homegrown All-Star to lead San Antonio into the next era of Spurs basketball, but a knee injury derailed his breakout season. Despite missing over 40 games, he still made 103 threes at a 38.7% clip from beyond the arc.

Although Vassell is not quite the best three-point shooter on the roster, he has the foundation to take that mantle in the near future. He is a lethal catch-and-shoot threat that can hit threes in transition, on the move, and coming off screens. That sort of versatility is incredibly rare.

If Vassell can stay healthy and continue showing improvement next season, there is no question this young Spurs teams will have a much better offense. And if he makes another massive developmental leap, San Antonio could find themselves in the playoffs.

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