The 5 most underpaid San Antonio Spurs for next season

Tre Jones
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#4: Tre Jones

To some Spurs fans, Tre Jones might be a surprise inclusion on this list, but it's warranted. Jones signed a cheap 2-year, $20 million deal to stay with the Spurs after starting for the team last season. While he certainly wasn't a top-10 starting point guard last season, he proved to be a capable playmaker who has continued to work on his game.

The team knows that he has some limitations, namely his lack of a 3-point shot, but for what the team needs next season—basically, someone who can initiate the offense and get Wembanyama the ball in the right spots—he is qualified for the job.

An aspect that has seemingly been overlooked has been that he will make just 6.3% of the salary cap next season and even less during the second year of his new deal, and that is an insignificant amount. Particularly if he continues to work to improve his offensive flaws. Last season, he improved his finishing around the rim, shooting an impressive 67.3% within three feet but hitting only 38.5% from floater range, down from 50% the year before.

Getting back to being an above-average shooter from inside the arc would help him be more of an offensive threat and, of course, knock down open threes. That is a realistic goal, and if he continues to create well for others, then he will be undervalued on his current salary.

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