The 5 most underpaid San Antonio Spurs for next season

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The San Antonio Spurs entered the NBA offseason with plenty of money to spend and needing to reach the salary cap floor. Although they didn't opt to spend their cap space on a big-name free agent, they did make several trades that put it to good use. They also barely got above the cap floor, which is 90% of the $136 million salary cap.

With the Spurs spending the bare minimum on salaries, they are bound to have some valuable contracts. In fact, the team has five players on rookie-scale deals and several other young players on affordable multi-year contracts. On the other hand, they have acquired several players via trade over the last year that may or may not turn out to be valuable deals.

San Antonio has 18 players under contract for next season and will need to move on from at least three of them to reach the NBA's 15-man roster limit. They could start by looking to move on from some of their veterans, thus clearing out roster spots and playing time for some of their younger players. With more playing time, they will get a chance to show even more of what they can do. With that in mind, let's take a look at the five most underpaid Spurs, starting with the team's longest-tenured player.

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