Stunning Kings revelation could be news Spurs need to adjust plan to find star

The San Antonio Spurs may have a new chance to find their point guard of the future amidst the problems the Sacramento Kings find themselves dealing with.
Devin Vassell, De'Aaron Fox, Keegan Murray
Devin Vassell, De'Aaron Fox, Keegan Murray / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

NBA reports have ratcheted up to the maximum over the past 24 hours. It seems either teams' offseason plans are being leaked, smokescreens are going out at a high rate, or contract negotiations are being made public. The San Antonio Spurs are not exempt from the madness, considering the news of their workout with Donovan Clingan saw the light of day.

It's hard to tell if there is truth to their intrigue, but it feels unlikely after seeing what a lineup featuring Victor Wembanyama and a non-shooting big man looked like last season. It wasn't pretty, and using a lottery pick to try it again immediately would be pretty stubbornly attempting to fit a round peg in a square hole. That's not the Spurs' style, so that report is probably a smokescreen for leveraging the pick, but there is news that San Antonio should be paying close attention to.

De'Aaron Fox just made himself a possible trade target for Spurs

De'Aaron Fox is one of the fastest players in the league with the ball in his hand. The pressure that he puts on a defense is immense and that contribution would be immeasurable next to Victor Wembanyama. He raised his three-point percentage to 37% last season, the league average. He put up 21 points per game while chipping in 6 assists.

The Sacramento Kings are in danger of losing him if one of his biggest concerns is whether the front office can put a competitive roster around him. They have talent on the team already but getting more is the problem. Even in the article above, Sam Amick details the trouble the Kings have had with closing trade deals. They failed to bring in Pascal Siakam via trade before he was shipped to Indiana, adding to their failure to add Kyle Kuzma in 2021.

According to the article, they're trying to use their 13th selection in the 2024 draft to reel in a trade partner that will send them an all-star-caliber player but this is a weaker draft so that pick isn't that valuable. Fox has two years on his deal, so he doesn't have to make any moves right now but if their team finds themselves still searching for answers next summer and the former Kentucky Wildcat is unsatisfied, they'll have to start considering moving him so they don't lose him for nothing.

That would be the opportunity the Spurs need to swoop in and get their point guard for the next 10 years. Fox has played in multiple playoff series and showcased his unwavering poise in high-stakes moments, performing in the clutch and causing the defense headaches. At the very least, it's something for San Antonio to consider.