How Castle and Wembanyama can become one of the NBA's best duos

With Stephon Castle now a member of the San Antonio Spurs, the potential to be a great duo with Victor Wembanyama is sky-high.
2024 NBA Draft - Round One
2024 NBA Draft - Round One / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

Last season, it became clear that to get Victor Wembanyama to be a superstar-level player, you need a playmaking point guard alongside him. A player who can control the offense so the 7-foot-3 center can dominate in other ways.

Knowing this, every NBA fan had a good idea that the San Antonio Spurs were eager to draft a point guard during the 2024 NBA Draft. More specifically, UConn point guard Stephon Castle was on the Spurs' radar for quite some time.

It was believed that if, for any reason, Castle was not the choice at pick No. 4, possibly drafting another big man would be in the Spurs' best interest. Still, the Spurs were set on Castle, and luckily enough, he fell in their lap on draft night.

Today, fans are looking forward to what Castle can bring to this team, especially what he offers Wembanyama. Let's dive in and discuss how Castle and Wembanyama could develop alongside each other and mold into a great one-two punch.

Castle and Wembanyama have a high ceiling together

Castle is coming off of a near-perfect college basketball season. His Huskies team went 37-3 during the regular season and 18-2 in conference play, en route to UConn's sixth national championship. Besides his team's success, Castle was productive in his own right, proving to be one of the country's best guards.

Castle averaged 11.2 points, 4.9 rebounds, and 2.9 assists throughout the season and 13 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 3.8 during the tournament, earning an All-Tournament team nod. Castle had just as good of a season as any player could.

Castle now goes from one stable organization with a great coach to another in the NBA. UConn's Dan Hurley is a fundamentally sound and tough coach, similar to the Spurs' Gregg Popovich. Coach Hurley has been vocal about his love for Castle's game and what he brought to the team.

"Stephon has been tremendous for us all year, and he has proven to be a worthy prospect for a reason," Hurley said during the NBA draft. "He is outstanding defensively both on the ball and off. His rebounding ability is top-tier for a player of his size, and he can facilitate with ease, making him a perfect fit for what the Spurs have in place right now."

Hurley continued, "This year, when we needed him to make the timely play, he did it. When he needed to be our top scorer down the stretch, he did it. Especially during the tournament, specifically from the Sweet Sixteen on, Stephon was on another level. He deserves all the praise he has been getting, and the Spurs got a good guy."

With Castle lined up next to Wembanyama, both players' games could sky-rocket as time goes on. They are a perfect match for their play-making skills and their ability to impact the game in multiple ways, starting on the defensive end. Of course, the ability to play on both ends was Castle's top attribute going into the draft, and rightfully so.

Castle can guard the opposing team's best player and shut them down. His defensive instincts are second to none, and his long arms and toughness will make him one of the league's best defensive guards in no time. Castle and Wembanyama's defensive presence will be felt immediately. If Castle happens to get beat off the dribble, Wembanyama would be right behind him playing clean-up, giving Castle a piece of mind that he does not need to over-defend and get out of control.

On offense, the duo could be just as dominant. Regardless of Stephon's shooting concerns, his ability to slash into the lane, play in transition, and finish above the rim will make him a force while his shooting is steadily improving. This could not take very long, as Castle has been seen working on his shot ever since he landed in San Antonio. It's safe to assume that he is looking to prove everyone wrong and be just as efficient as a shooter.

The Spurs have been lacking a guard who can create plays for them, forcing Wembanyama to try and create on his own on most nights last season. Now, with Castle's floor-general ability, Wembanyama can get to the right spots and be in a better position to score. Wembanyama held his own when he needed to create last year, but he can be even better off the ball.

Ultimately, having a true guard (whether Castle starts at PG or SG) in this offense could benefit everyone. Castle's athleticism, toughness, and team-first mentality are traits that are also similar to Wembanyama's, only proving further that the two are of a similar mindset. After the draft, the pair connected and looked ecstatic to start working together, and the quicker that they develop chemistry on the court, the quicker they could lead this team back to the playoffs.

When it comes down to it, everything is in place for this duo to be great. This possibility was magnified after the Spurs went out and signed veteran Chris Paul on Sunday to mentor young players, especially Castle. By the looks of it, the Spurs are putting great trust in what Castle and Wembanyama could be for this team going forward. With that said, you can go ahead and make the claim now—Castle and Wembanyama are set to be the NBA's next great duo.