Spurs month-by-month predictions of the full 2023-24 NBA season

Victor Wembanyama
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November: 14 Games

November, as it turns out, will be even tougher for the Spurs. They will play a total of 14 games, including seven games on the road, and all but three of their opponents missed the playoffs last season. Based on that, it would be a tall task for San Antonio to go even 7-7 in November.

As a result, I expect them to finish just under that, with wins coming against Toronto, Indiana, Minnesota, Oklahoma City, the Clippers—with the Spurs splitting one of the two games in San Antonio—and Atlanta. If that ends up being the case, then they would have just a 7-11 record heading into December.

November Prediction: 6-8 (7-11)

December: 14 Games

Another tough month for the Spurs. The team plays seven of their 14 games on the road in December, but they can't bank on easy wins in the Frost Bank Center either. They play consecutive home games against the Los Angeles Lakers and also play against the Boston Celtics—all likely losses.

Luckily, they have a few gimmie wins, such as back-to-back road games against the Portland Trail Blazers (hopefully, minus Damian Lillard). They also have a home game against the New Orleans Pelicans, which might not be a gimmie, but it may actually be one of their easier games, especially if Zion Williamson doesn't play. This might not be the Spurs month, with them all-but-certain to finish December with a losing record.

December Prediction: 6-8 (13-19)