Spurs: The greatest moment every 2023 HOF inductee had with and against Popovich

Denver Nuggets  v San Antonio Spurs
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Becky Hammon: Making history and breaking barriers

Becky Hammon holds a special place in the hearts of San Antonians. Not only did she spend the best years of her playing career as the foundation of the Silver Stars, but she made history as the first full-time female assistant in the NBA when she accepted a role with the Spurs in 2014. The South Dakota native continued rising through the ranks, eventually leaving the 2-1-0 to lead the Las Vegas Aces.

Hammon had a handful of iconic moments on the sidelines alongside Gregg Popovich, and she broke another barrier on December 30, 2020. After officials ejected the seasoned playcaller for a profanity-laced reaction to a no-call, Becky assumed clipboard duties for the Spurs, becoming the first woman to ever serve as acting head coach in a regular season contest. Here's to her blazing more trails.