Spurs: Grading 8 free agent point guard options from 'no thanks' to 'sign now'

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Dennis Schroder
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5. Dennis Schroder

Schroder has struggled to find a long-term deal since turning down an $84 million extension from the Lakers in 2021. He played on the taxpayer mid-level exception last season before accepting a minimum deal to return to LA last summer. Schroder has helped the Lakers reach the conference finals this season as a role player that complements LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Could the Spurs convince him to come to San Antonio this offseason to be their point guard? Schroder has blazing speed, and he is a strong secondary creator with a penchant for scoring and underrated on-ball defense. Could coach Pop get the best out of the 29-year-old German?

His biggest drawback is his three-point shooting. Schroder is a career 33.7% shotmaker from downtown, but he had a breakout year playing with Chris Paul where he shot 38.5%. Can the Spurs unlock Schroder’s outside shooting?

Verdict: Worth a look

The options on the free agent market are not bountiful. Dennis Schroder could be a mid-tier option for the Spurs that could shift into a sixth man role if they can acquire a true starting point guard. Would the 6-foot-3 guard be interested in San Antonio? Do the Spurs have to overpay to get him? Those are important questions to consider before offering Schroder a contract this summer.