Spurs: Grading 8 free agent point guard options from 'no thanks' to 'sign now'

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Patrick Beverley
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7. Patrick Beverley

Beverley is another veteran option the Spurs could look at this offseason. The 34-year-old is known as a defensive pest that brings a ton of energy to his team. He is not a traditional point guard, but Pat Bev can space the floor and make some plays.

The veteran is not for everyone. He Lakers traded him to the Magic in February, where he was waived immediately before signing with the Bulls to close the season. The 6-foot-1 guard wanted out of LA, and he joined hometown team. Beverley made an impact in Chicago, but he wants more money than the Bulls can offer in free agency.

The 34-year-old does not feel like a Spurs guy, despite Gregg Popovich coaching him in November 2021.

Verdict: Worth a look if he ditches the antics

Patrick Beverley would need to tone down the antics and trash talk to sign in San Antonio. Would the veteran guard do that to get a chance to play under Pop? The feisty guard has been in the playoffs eight times in his 11 years in the NBA, and his energy and effort could make a massive impact. Could he give the young Spurs a defensive boost? It Beverley worth a look if he agrees to fit into the Spurs' culture?