This Spurs-Celtics deal would solve San Antonio's point guard problem

Tre Jones
Tre Jones / Maddie Malhotra/GettyImages

Now that free agency has officially started, so has trade season. The majority of trades occur in the offseason, and the San Antonio Spurs could make another deal to try and improve their roster around Victor Wembanyama. Entering free agency, the team's biggest need for improvement was at point guard, and while they brought back Tre Jones, they could look for another playmaker in a deal.

That leads to an interesting trade proposal by Sam LaFrance of Hardwood Houdini. The Boston Celtics have already made a splashy trade by dealing Marcus Smart to the Memphis Grizzlies in a three-team trade that got them Kristaps Porzingis and two first-round picks. However, LaFrance proposes that they use some of those new assets in a deal with the Spurs. Let's take a closer look at the trade.

What would another Spurs-Celtics trade look like?

In his article, LaFrance suggested a deal in which the Celtics trade the Spurs' Malcolm Brogdon and three first-round picks for Keldon Johnson. Although Brogdon was nearly traded to the Clippers, that deal was rescinded after he failed a physical for a right forearm injury. That probably makes other teams nervous about acquiring him, though he is expected to be healthy to start next season and could actually help the Spurs given their need for a point guard. Still, the three first-round picks are the real attention-grabbers in the trade proposal.

As good as Johnson has been and as great as his new four-year extension is, being offered three firsts would probably make most teams at least consider the offer, especially for a non-all-star player. If they were actually offered a deal like that for Johnson, the Spurs should too, and had it been offered near last season's trade deadline, they probably would have said yes.

Of course, the Spurs look completely different now with Wembanyama on board, and it wouldn't make sense to take a step back. After all, Johnson is coming off the best season of his career, and if he can shoot the ball from three with more consistency, he could be even better next season playing alongside Wemby. San Antonio also has a dozen first-round picks over the next seven drafts, and at some point, there is a limit to their value.

The further out the first-round pick, the better, since the Spurs could use cheap rotation players down the road. If Malaki Branham were further along in his career, I could see the Spurs possibly doing another Derrick White trade, knowing they have another Devin Vassell waiting in the wings to play on the wing. Instead, the team would lose their leading scorer from last season to patch a hole at point guard, which can be resolved in other ways.

Overall, I would give the trade proposal a B-. The trade attempts to address the team's need at point guard while also enticing them with three firsts. Then again, that would mean giving up their best wing player, who has a chance to get even better. That would push the Spurs' timeline back a couple of seasons, and they can't afford that now that they have Wembanyama.