Spurs: 5 Veteran free agent big men targets to help mentor Victor Wembanyama

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Winning the No. 1 overall pick in the 2023 NBA Draft was just the first step for the San Antonio Spurs. Once Victor Wembanayma is officially a Spur, which will happen June 22, the true work begins for this winning organization. Not only do they have to continue to develop Wembanyama, but they will also be tasked with surrounding him with the right pieces.

Though no one expects the Spurs to build a championship contender around Wembanyama in year one, it would be wise to put him in a position to succeed from the moment he steps into the team facilities. One way the Spurs can do that is by adding a veteran big or two to help with not only his basketball development but also his professional mentorship. And recent reports suggests that the Spurs will likely explore that option heading into free agency.