Spurs: The 4 Best free agents and trade targets ahead of free agent frenzy

Victor Wembanyama
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Offseason Target #1: Jakob Poeltl

A familiar face appears as the team's number one off-season target, former Spurs Jakob Poeltl. Although Poeltl ranks number one on this list, he would have been a close second had Naz Reid not re-signed with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Poeltl would be far from a consolation prize for the Spurs, however. Prior to being moved at the trade deadline, he had been in the middle of a strong season, which resulted in the Raptors offering a haul to reacquire him.

The Spurs were smart to take that offer since he would be an unrestricted agent in just a few months, and they would be free to try and re-sign him in the offseason. Now that San Antonio has Wembanyama and $39 million in cap space, they should go hard after Poeltl, even offering him a four-year deal worth as much as $80 million, knowing that he will be the perfect fit beside their potential superstar.

He'd allow Wembanyama to play power forward for the foreseeable future and give the Spurs another 7-footer. That size at power forward and center could be a nightmare for opposing teams, who will have to score over their height and length in the halfcourt.

Poeltl would also present coach Gregg Popovich with the opportunity to use Wembanyama in some inventive ways. One potential option includes having Poeltl set ball screens for Wembanyama. That would force certain centers to try and contain Wemby out on the perimeter, which could prove especially difficult given his shooting ability, handles, and long strides. The possibilities could be endless, but it begins with the Spurs convincing Poeltl to sign this offseason.