Spurs: The 4 Best free agents and trade targets ahead of free agent frenzy

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Offseason Target #3: Kyle Lowry

With the Spurs in need of point guard help, they could scour the trade market for a veteran playmaker. One out-of-the-box option could be the Miami Heat's Kyle Lowry. Although Lowry had an up-and-down season, he helped the Heat reach the NBA Finals even at 37 years old. Despite his encouraging play, Lowry isn't a lock to return to Miami next season given that he has a $30 million expiring contract that could prove valuable as a trade asset.

San Antonio could be interested in trading for him for several reasons. One reason is that he is a highly experienced point guard who has proven to be a valuable veteran and team-oriented player. For instance, he embraced a new role last season by coming off the bench and helping boost Miami's second unit by getting them to play more up-tempo. He could do the same thing in San Antonio if they traded for him.

Moreover, a possible trade package could include the Spurs trading Devonte Graham and Doug McDermott for Lowry, and that could prove to be a mutually beneficial deal for both teams. The Heat would be turning an aging veteran into two rotation players while the Spurs bolster their weakest position, free up a roster spot, inch closer to the salary cap floor, and save $14 million for the 2024–25 season. With Jones and Lowry, the Spurs should have enough capable playmakers to get their new franchise player the ball.