2024 Spurs Mock Draft: Wright gets crazy with all highest possible picks

What if the Spurs win the lottery and have two picks in the top seven? Their selections may surprise fans.
San Antonio Spurs, Brian Wright
San Antonio Spurs, Brian Wright / Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
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Late 2nd round

51. Wizards (via Suns) choose Payton Sandfort

52. Warriors (via Bucks) snag Trevon Brazile

53. Pistons (via Knicks) draft Keshad Johnson

54. Celtics (via Mavericks) select Adem Bona

55. Lakers (via Clippers) choose Bronny James

56. Nuggets (via Timberwolves) add Ulrich Chomche

57. Grizzlies (via Thunder) take Nikola Djurisic

58. Mavericks (via Celtics) draft Tyon Grant-Foster

Spurs draft haul

  • 1st overall: Nikola Topic, G, Serbia
  • 7th overall: Reed Sheppard, G, Kentucky
  • 35th overall: Baylor Scheierman, W, Creighton
  • 48th overall: Harrison Ingram, W, North Carolina

The Spurs have a superstar big man, who will be the best player in the NBA soon. They must acquire guards and wings to complement his skill set. All four selections have versatility, shooting, and playmaking ability, which San Antonio desperately needs. The Spurs were 28th in 3-point percentage and 26th in offensive rating in 2024. They draft more offensive juice here.

The San Antonio Spurs have a mountain of draft capital and a desire to improve. They could make significant trades to bolster their talent, but expect the Spurs to keep their draft picks. They want young players on Victor Wembanyama’s timeline. The only way to find them is in the draft. The Spurs will nail their picks and return to contention in short order. Fans certainly won’t want to miss it, so stay tuned.