2024 Spurs Mock Draft: Wright gets crazy with all highest possible picks

What if the Spurs win the lottery and have two picks in the top seven? Their selections may surprise fans.
San Antonio Spurs, Brian Wright
San Antonio Spurs, Brian Wright / Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
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Rest of the 1st round

15. Heat grab Jared McCain

16. 76ers take Johnny Furphy

17. Lakers select Isaiah Collier

18. Magic draft Devin Carter

19. Raptors (via Pacers) choose Kyshawn George

20. Cavaliers select Jaylon Tyson

21. Pelicans (via Bucks) draft Zach Edey

22. Suns take Yves Missi

23. Bucks (via Pelicans) select Bobi Klintman

24. Knicks (via Mavericks) choose DaRon Holmes

25. Knicks take Ryan Dunn

26. Wizards (via Clippers) draft Tyler Kolek

27. Timberwolves grab Hunter Sallis

28. Nuggets select Tristan da Silva

29. Jazz (via Thunder) take Tyler Smith

30. Celtics draft Trey Alexander

Second round

31. Raptors (via Pistons) choose A.J. Johnson

32. Jazz (via Wizards) select Bub Carrington

33. Bucks (via Blazers) take Alex Karaban

34. Trail Blazers (via Hornets) draft Justin Edwards

35. Spurs pick Baylor Scheierman

Scheierman blossomed during his five college seasons. He started as a bench player at South Dakota State playing 20 minutes per game and shooting 24.7 percent on his threes before becoming a starter. After three years, he transferred to Creighton where he played a key role in his first season. Scheierman came back for his fifth year and was the Bluejays’ best player.

He averaged 18.5 points, 9.0 rebounds, 3.9 assists, and 0.9 steals in 36.8 minutes per game. He was a 39.0 percent 3-point shooter over his five college seasons, and the 6’6 wing should quickly be able to help an NBA team.

Every team wants 6’7 wings who can space the floor. There are questions about his defense and overall impact, but productive college players often translate to NBA rotation pieces. His versatile skill set fits well in San Antonio with their young talent.  

The Spurs are not done. They have another second-round pick at 48th overall.