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Number nine overall pick Jeremy Sochan has been a fascinating watch all season, and in this interview, he was a fascinating listen. Whether it is his unique hair colors, unorthodox free throw form, or thunderous dunks, Sochan has been worth the price of admission. So Spurs fans will be pleased to hear what the most interesting rookie in the NBA shared during his interview with Spurs legend and Hall of Fame finalist Tony Parker.

Parker's acting as the interviewer is two slices of applewood bacon on a well-seasoned cheeseburger, also known as pure perfection. The four-time champion also entered the league at 19 years old, and he relates to Sochan in many ways, as their stories share numerous similarities. The mutual respect was apparent and made an interview look like a conversation. Here are the things that stood out from their chat.

Sochan shows readiness to adapt to the modern NBA

With credit mostly going to the Golden State Warriors and Steph Curry, the three-point shot controls modern basketball. Regardless, games get tight in the fourth quarter, and the ability to hit your free throws has been and always will be necessary for high-stakes success. When asked what moves he has been working on, Sochan revealed his goals to improve consistency with his three-ball and free throws, showing an understanding of what he needs to find success in the league.

Sochan's open thirst for knowledge

If there is one thing we can take away from the rookie's stylistic hair choices, he is not a shy individual. He demonstrated that trait, asking almost as many questions to Parker as Parker asked him. Sochan inquired about what head coach Gregg Popovich was like in the early 2000s, why Parker remained in San Antonio after retiring, and how the original big three of Duncan, Ginobili, and Parker formed such a strong bond. That curiosity shows a thirst for knowledge and improvement.

San Antonio is the perfect place for Jeremy

Tony Parker, surrounded by superhero statues, was incredibly gracious during this entire conversation. He was very open and answered every question Sochan had with depth and thoughtfulness. Parker even gave the city of San Antonio a ringing endorsement when asked why he chose to stay in the 2-1-0 post-retirement. This answer made Jeremy open up and express his confidence in a long-term stay with the organization, which was the sweet sound of music to the ears of Spurs fans everywhere.

Watch the full interview below!

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