Sochan comments reveal just how important Wembanyama is

Recent comments from Jeremy Sochan highlight Victor Wembanyama's ability to make his San Antonio Spurs teammates better.
San Antonio Spurs v Minnesota Timberwolves
San Antonio Spurs v Minnesota Timberwolves / David Berding/GettyImages

While discussing defensive philosophy over the course of the season after the recent game against Indiana, a San Antonio Spurs win, Jeremy Sochan made some interesting comments. His most important comment, at least as it relates to the entire team philosophy, was that the team is communicating a lot more on the defensive end, which has led to improved team defense as a whole.

Sochan had glowing praise for Victor Wembanyama specifically, and how quickly Wembanyama can take over defensively, stating “It’s f***in’ Vic” when discussing understanding how to play with different personnel at different times.

The benefit of playing alongside Victor Wembanyama

It’s quite apparent, and it has been for a long time already, that Wembanyama is a game changer. His overall offensive game has taken a bit of time to gel, as he seems to be coming into his own as of late on that end, but he has always been an eraser on defense and made an instant impact for the Silver and Black.

Sochan went on to state how when Wembanyama is in, they kind of leave things alone and let him utilize his abilities, and comparatively speaking, play differently in terms of game plan and schemes when someone like Zach Collins is in the game.

If a player like Sochan, who is already an established stopper on the defensive end, can speak so glowingly about Wembanyama’s impact on defense, that impact has to resonate even further with other players on the team.

With Wembanyama patrolling the paint, team defense gets easier. Players can take more risks, and the team can be more aggressive. As they continue to learn how to play together and communicate better, having an anchor like Wembanyama will help for years to come. Wembanyama’s ability to make his teammates better through his presence alone will pay huge dividends for the organization.