6 offseason trades the Spurs can make to utilize their cap space

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Former perennial punching bags, the Sacramento Kings are finally back in the playoffs after a 17-year drought and will undoubtedly look to build upon their strong season. That could include trimming some of the fat on their roster by moving on from Richaun Holmes and the two years and $24.9M remaining on his contract.

Holmes fell out of the rotation this season, and the Kings could look to move him to either save money or upgrade their roster. The Spurs could easily absorb his entire salary for next season in exchange for a future first-round pick, and the Kings are flush with draft assets they may be willing to part with.

Or, perhaps, they would be interested in Collins, giving them a better backup to All-Star Domantas Sabonis. That would be added value for the Kings, who could swap out an overpaid rotation big for a starting caliber center making third-string money. This trade would be more dependent on the results of the draft lottery.

If the Spurs don't land Wembanyama, they will need Collins; if they do, they might not need him as much. Either way, the Kings could look to get rid of Holmes' contract, and the Spurs have the cap space to get a deal done.

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