6 offseason trades the Spurs can make to utilize their cap space

Gregg Popovich
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Brooklyn Nets forward Ben Simmons likely has the worst contract in the NBA. He is paid like a superstar, even though he is a shell of his former self. This misfortune presents the Nets with a problem. Brooklyn traded Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant at the deadline and received five future first-round picks.

But if they want to get rid of the former three-time all-star, they will likely be the ones giving up first-round picks. Even after trading their superstars, the Nets managed to sneak into the playoffs, with little thanks to Simmons, who missed 40 games and struggled with consistency throughout the year. That's where the Spurs come in.

The Nets owes Simmons $78M over the final two years of his contract, and they will need to find a taker for his undesirable deal if they want to hit the reset button. The Spurs could offset some of it with McDermott's contract in exchange for two first-round picks. While San Antonio couldn't waive him, they could find a better use for him than Brooklyn did.

In Brooklyn, he was initially cast as the team's third star but was better suited for playing center and handling playmaking responsibilities with shooters around him. San Antonio doesn't have a ton of shooters, but they could experiment with Simmons, and head coach Gregg Popovich may even find a way to restore some of his value like he's done with other unwanted players many times before.

Simmons would be an odd fit in San Antonio, as he would with almost any other franchise. But the Spurs are one of the few organizations that could take on his contract without gutting their team. They could also reap the benefits by collecting two first-round picks for their troubles.

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