Shameless analyst tries to dunk on Air Alamo, gets ratioed by Spurs fans

Oklahoma City Thunder v San Antonio Spurs - Game Two
Oklahoma City Thunder v San Antonio Spurs - Game Two / Tom Pennington/GettyImages

If you’re not used to the San Antonio Spurs having a spot in the national TV spotlight, you might have to adapt quickly. With Tuesday’s massive, franchise-altering win of the Victor Wembanyama sweepstakes, the Alamo City’s forgotten basketball team will be a main attraction for the league for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, not all attention is going to be positive, especially when there are some TV personalities like Jason McIntyre. 

It’s not worth diving fully into a second time (believe me), but we recently discussed how the co-host of “The Herd” on FS1 embarrassed himself when trying to pretend he knew anything about San Antonio.  

“You think they want to spend their summers at the River Walk?” McIntyre asked incredulously, forgetting that NBA players don’t tend to stay home all summer. 

“What’s wrong with the River Walk?” asked Colin Cowherd. “I’ve never been. I’ve never been to San Antonio,” responded McIntyre. 

While that was already bad enough, he continued on by saying the Spurs will be unwatchable outside of Wembanyama and predicting they’ll increase their win total by just three. 

Jason McIntyre doubles down on insulting Spurs, gets roasted again

It seems pretty obvious why San Antonio residents would take offense to someone insulting their city without ever having visited. Don’t tell that to Jason, though, who doubled down on Thursday, completely missing the boat in every way.

It’s safe to say he didn’t get the responses he was looking for. 

To make it even sadder than his like-to-comment ratio, McIntyre then went on a blocking spree, even when the replies weren’t insulting him.

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Despite his huge following of over 87,000, there won’t be any coming back from the ratio. Some people are gluttons for punishment, I guess.