Scouts give their two cents on how Spurs should approach the 2023 NBA Draft

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4. Who are the early second-round prospects San Antonio should target to address their lack of defense and spacing?

Babcock: I don't expect there to be many options for teams to add high-level outside shooting in the early second round. Still, Kobe Brown from Missouri is one player I am very high on that does provide some outside shooting from the power forward position. However, his outside shooting is an intriguing case to evaluate. He shot the ball exceptionally well this past season, over 45% from three on a relatively sizeable sample size, 112 attempts. However, in the previous several years, he never shot better than 25% from beyond the arc. Regardless, he will be a good option for teams looking to add floor spacing and toughness.

Barlowe: Gonzaga’s Julian Strawther could be an option to address the need for shooting. Noah Clowney could be available at 32, but he could also go mid first round. Coleman Hawkins would be someone I’d gamble on if I’m the Spurs. He has a beautiful looking shot, but it doesn’t go in. If he can develop into a consistent shooter, then he becomes a real weapon at 6’10" because he can pass and averaged 1.2 blocks and 1.1 steals per game this season.

Stayman: Jordan Walsh screams a Spurs fit: length, versatility and defensive prowess as he adds strength with growing offense. Kobe Brown could be another as well, with a strong frame and versatility.

Tulaba: There aren’t many guys who will take care of both of those things in the second round at the moment. Those guys typically go a little higher, but DaRon Holmes is a guy who could be in that range who would help with the defense and has shown flashes of shooting. Holmes is a pogo stick on the court, and if all breaks right he can have a Robert Williams type career arc.

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