Scouts give their two cents on how Spurs should approach the 2023 NBA Draft

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Victor Wembanyama
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1. Assuming the Spurs win the lottery and land Victor Wembanyama, how would the generational big man complement with their current core?

Matt Babcock: Rather than looking at how Wembanyama complements the Spurs' core, I'd look internally at the current roster and determine how they complement him. But to answer your question, I think Wembanyama is an easy player to fit into different rosters and rotations because he's a versatile, do-it-all type of player that happens to be 7-foot-4 with an 8-foot wingspan. Also, aside from Sochan, their long-term building blocks are primarily perimeter players, so I don't see any substantial conflicts.

Rafael Barlowe: Vic would be the cornerstone that creates a defined pecking order for the rest of the roster. I wouldn’t say he’ll be the focal point of the offense from day one, but everyone will know that it’s Vic’s team and the situation will be set up for him to succeed. Defensively he’ll help immediately with his rim protection, size and length. On offense, at the minimum he’ll be a vertical lob threat that has the potential to space the floor.

Richard Stayman: Wembanyama fits every lineup because he’s such a unique mismatch. He will expose bigger players that try to bully him by countering with shot creation and length, and will create gravity that best suits every other player.

Corey Tulaba: Victor Wembanyama changes the entire course that your franchise is on. So even if your young core doesn’t fit next to him, it’s fine, because good news, you now have Victor Wembanyama! But looking at the roster, I love the fit with Jeremy Sochan in the front court. The defensive versatility those dudes bring is tantalizing and Wembanyama’s outside-in game allows you to not have to worry nearly as much about how Sochan’s lack of an outside shot can limit your future roster construction. A trio of Wembanyama, Sochan, and Vassell is an intriguing core to build around.