Spurs fan survey: Who should be the primary scoring option in 2023?

Devin Vassell, Gregg Popovich
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Keldon Johnson - 301 votes (52.9%)

While many would like to see Vassell take that next big leap and make the Spurs his team, Keldon Johnson is easily the favorite to be the Spurs' go-to guy next season. He tallied over half of the votes in the poll, and fans had plenty to say about their expectations of him this season.

"Keldon is going to get his within the flow of the offense," said @Shawn_Humphrey2. "His scoring output is not going to take away from anyone else. Transition threes, pick and roll dunks, put backs, defense into offense. And if the guards are having a big game, he’ll defer. If the defense collapses, Keldon is open."

"Keldon has been second in scoring for two years in a row. It's only logical that he gets extra touches now that DJ is gone," said @RxPAT13. "Keldon has an aggressive mentality no other Spur has at the moment."

@CudiThaGOAT had similar thoughts. "Keldon proved he can take up a large scoring role after the Derrick White trade," he said. "His usage, shot attempts, and scoring all increased substantially while maintaining efficiency."

"It's as simple as the fact that KJ was the second-highest scorer on the team," said @SMarieJohn. "I don't see a scenario where he won't be better next year. He was also one of the better players at drawing fouls. That's key to being a number one option."

The point about Keldon drawing fouls is an important one. Last season, he was third on the team with 3.1 free throw attempts after Derrick White and Dejounte. Meanwhile, Vassell was down at just 1.4. His assertiveness could be the difference in what may be a close race with Devin for top-scoring honors in the Alamo City next season.

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Ultimately, we'll likely end up seeing a year in which several different Spurs are the leading scorer on a nightly basis. Overall, though, this seems like Keldon's crown to go and take.

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