Spurs fan survey: Who should be the primary scoring option in 2023?

Devin Vassell, Gregg Popovich
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Josh Primo - 65 votes (11.4%)

Even though his career is just getting started, Josh Primo already has some believers. Matching his jersey number, the 19-year-old got a little over 11% of the vote in the poll. After averaging 5.8 points per game as a rookie, it would take an extraordinary leap for him to rise to the top of the Spurs in the scoring column.

"Give Primo the reins and see what the next great point guard for the Spurs can do," said one user in the comments. Plus, giving the keys to a teenager will probably get us closer to the big prize, big Victor."

San Antonio Spurs
Devin Vassell, Drew Eubanks / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

Devin Vassell - 189 votes (33.2%)

Entering his third year after significant improvement in 2022, Devin Vassell might be a real revelation to the league this season. While he hasn't quite had an open runway to showcase everything he can do, it's safe to say the path is clear now. That could be why 1/3 of you placed your bets on the 21-year-old to be San Antonio's leading scorer next season.

"I think this year is an opportunity for Devin Vassell to blossom," said @Jhenn_99. "He has to gain more confidence in his scoring ability and decision making. This year will be the year to do it."

"I think Vassell is the best option," said @PeterAntonius15. "Keldon is too predictable of a player with tunnel vision." @JazzTamir1 agreed about Vassell, saying, "Devin provides more versatile scoring abilities and therefore should be the primary option."

User @ogsrupsog also pointed out that Vassell is the guy who shined brightest on the biggest stage for the Spurs last season. "Vassell is the only player who showed qualities as a scorer on the big stage with 23 points and 7-of-13 three-point shooting in a Play-In Game against the Pelicans."

Personally, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest of Vassell ends up the correct answer here when the season plays out.

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