Spurs fan survey: Who should be the primary scoring option in 2023?

Devin Vassell, Gregg Popovich
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The San Antonio Spurs will be entering the 2022-23 NBA season with many questions to answer.

From how the team will adapt without their All-Star to which guys will step up to take leadership roles, it's going to be a free-for-all in a lot of ways on the court. San Antonio's lead playmaker and scorer is no longer around, and the current roster will have to begin separating potential next stars from the pack.

While it may take some time to reach star status, there are definitely some promising options on the team capable of taking a giant leap this fall and beyond. Since we've already predicted who the Spurs' top three leading scorers will be, I decided to turn the question over to our followers on Twitter with the same question.

I gave three choices in the poll and included an other option for those who might have an opinion that differs from most. Here's how the results landed, from fewest to most votes.

San Antonio Spurs
Jeremy Sochan / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

Other - 14 votes (2.5%)

Of the 569 people polled, 14 answered 'other', with some commenting their alternate picks. In the comments, two people said Jeremy Sochan would lead the Spurs in scoring next season, and another few liked those comments. It's safe to assume most of these 'other' votes were in favor of the 19-year-old having a massive rookie year.

In his lone season at Baylor, the 6-9 forward averaged 9.2 points in 25.1 minutes per game. While I expect a lot from him on this young team, I think anyone seriously expecting him to get nearly 20 points per game may be getting ahead of themselves a little bit.

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