14 Veterans the Spurs should already be targeting to pair with Victor Wembanyama

The Spurs need veterans to put alongside Victor Wembanyama.
San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama
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11. Jae Crowder

Crowder has been a key piece on a playoff team for a decade straight. The Bucks will make it 11 years when they clinch their place in 2024. The 6’6 forward offers defense, versatility, and floor spacing. He can play several different roles and always makes an impact on the game.

The 33-year-old can guard multiple positions and improves the versatility of any lineup. Victor Wembanyama is quickly becoming the best defensive anchor in the league, so adding a veteran forward to play lockdown defense at the three or four would do wonders in improving their D.

The veteran has played in 111 playoff games, including two NBA Finals, but is still searching for his first championship. He took the veteran minimum to play for the Bucks this season. Crowder wants his first ring and will be eager to chase it when he signs with a team this summer.

Can the Spurs improve their roster enough to get into contention? They have a ton of draft capital and young talent. San Antonio wants to build things slowly and put a long-term title challenger around Victor Wembanyama. They need veterans to take the next step, and Crowder would be an intriguing option. Convincing him to sign in the Alamo will be difficult, but the Spurs should shoot their shot.