14 Veterans the Spurs should already be targeting to pair with Victor Wembanyama

The Spurs need veterans to put alongside Victor Wembanyama.
San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama
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5. Mike Conley

Conley had a massive impact on a young Timberwolves squad after arriving at the 2022 trade deadline. They also have a dominant defensive big man. The veteran point guard can organize the offense and get the team a quality look. That is massive late in close games and something Minnesota lacked.

The Spurs need a ball-handler and playmaker for the same reasons. Victor Wembanyama and the rest of their young core will pop even more with a veteran running the offense. Fred VanVleet has had a similar impact on the Rockets this season. Having someone who knows what they are doing leading the show is crucial.

Getting a veteran point guard should be high on the offseason priority list for San Antonio. Conley will be a free agent. Minnesota will want him back, but the Timberwolves cap concerns could make them easy to outbid if the Spurs believe he is the best available option.

Mike Conley is still chasing his first championship, so joining or staying on a contender may be his top priority. San Antonio could sell him on Wemby’s potential, and Conley’s ability to help him blossom into a superstar. It may not be an easy sale, but the Spurs should try as the 36-year-old could quickly help them climb the standings.