Spurs have unique chance to strike gold in the NBA draft's second round

The San Antonio Spurs are known for finding talent late in the draft and this year they can continue the trend.
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2) Bobi Klintman PF - Cairns (Sweden)

If there was a player you could put an "ultimate steal" tag on, it might be forward Bobi Klintman.

Usually, players in the second round are selected because of a specific trait—the one thing that sets them apart or one skill that a team could build off of. In Bobi Klintman, you get a do-it-all player and someone you could mold an offense around. Yes, you read that right.

Not very many Swedish players get their chance in the NBA; therefore, Klintman could break some barriers on draft day. He can score from beyond the arc, has the 6'10 size to score over smaller defenders and can put the ball on the deck with ease. Klintman also excels at scoring on all three levels, is a fair ball handler and above all, is a fantastic passer.

His court vision can uplift a team. Alongside a disciplined group of young players (Vassell, Sochan, Branham and others) that are constantly moving on offense, Klintman would be able to put the ball in the right place.

On defense, Klintman is not as big of a force as Bona, but he still puts his 6'10 size to his advantage being able to protect the rim. Klintman has everything you want in a rookie forward. He has first-round talent, but could slip this year due to being in a deeper draft class than last year. This fall could work perfectly for San Antonio.