3 Trades that make Spurs instant contenders after drafting Victor Wembanyama

San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama
San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama / Jean Catuffe/GettyImages
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The San Antonio Spurs got lucky again as they won the draft lottery for the third time when a superstar big man was going to be the top pick. Victor Wembanyama was destined to be Spur, and he appears excited to follow in the footsteps of Tim Duncan and David Robinson.

The teenage French sensation made it clear that he wants to contend right away, and his goal is winning the Spurs their sixth championship. Can San Antonio go from 22 wins to the playoffs? They have the league’s best coach and a superstar talent joining their roster. The Spurs need additional upgrades, but that is a strong start.

Wemby cannot do it alone, but the Spurs are in a prime position to upgrade their roster. They can create max cap space and have plenty of open roster spots. There is no need to go all-in, but San Antonio should be looking to improve next season. The only question is how?

Trades that make San Antonio Spurs contenders after drafting Victor Wembanyama

3. Spurs get LaVine

Even if Wembanyama becomes a superstar, he is going to need help. Finding an elite scorer that can space the floor and make plays should be high on the Spurs' priority list. Zach LaVine is under contract for three more years and could become available after the Bulls missed the playoffs for the fifth time in six years.

Spurs get LaVine

Guys that average over 24 points, four rebounds, and four assists on efficient scoring are few and far between, so the Spurs are going to have to pay to acquire him. Losing Devin Vassell hurts, but San Antonio would be trading him for a two-time All-Star in the middle of his prime.

If the Bulls trade LaVine, they would be headed toward a rebuild. That means they would have little use for Derrick Jones Jr., but Gregg Popovich could get the best out of the 6’5 forward who defends hard and continues to improve his jumper.

The San Antonio Spurs have stockpiled more draft picks than they can make, so trading a few for one of the league’s best scorers seems like a no-brainer. Would this be enough to get them back to playoffs during Victor Wembanyama’s rookie season? Maybe not, but partnering with LaVine would certainly be a joy to watch.