5 Trade scenarios Spurs must prepare for this offseason

The Spurs must be ready for a wild offseason with pressure to build around Victor Wembanyama.

San Antonio Spurs, Gregg Popovich
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3. Overpaying for a 3-and-D wing

Every team wants size and shooting on the wing. Behind star players, it is the most valuable commodity in the NBA. The defending champion Nuggets took a step forward after adding Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins were key parts of the Warriors winning the championship in 2022. Having strong perimeter defenders who sink open shots is a must for contenders.

The Spurs have taken multiple bites at this apple in the draft, but are still searching for their answer. Vassell is a plus shooter with some playmaking ability but is far from a lockdown defender. Malaki Branham and Blake Wesley struggle to make shots. That young duo needs a few more years to develop.

If San Antonio plans on finding an impactful 3-and-D wing quickly, they will have to trade for him. It won’t be like acquiring a normal starter. No team wants to give up an impactful 3-and-D wing. The Spurs will be forced to use their draft capital and overpay, which is not something the franchise ever does.

Do not be surprised to see San Antonio draft another 6’5-plus wing, but the 2024 class projects as one of the worst in recent history. That young talent will be years away from contributing to an NBA contender, so the Spurs will be forced to get their checkbook out and overpay to fill a need.