Spurs Trade grades: B/R proposes multiple deals for stretch big Naz Reid

Spurs want a center to start next to Victor Wembanyama.

San Antonio Spurs, Naz Reid
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San Antonio Spurs get Naz Reid at a discount

The Timberwolves surprisingly gave Reid a three-year $41.9 million extension this summer. He has a player option in 2025 worth just over $15 million. The 24-year-old has been a steady backup who continues to improve, but Minnesota has Rudy Gobert and Karl-Anthony Towns at the five. There just aren’t enough minutes to go around for all three players.

The Timberwolves could look to move on from Reid before the deadline, and it will be a buying opportunity for any team looking for a young center who could blossom in an expanded role. Reid is far from perfect, but the Spurs may look to buy low.

Reid deal

McDermott makes $800,000 more than Reid this season, so San Antonio would be saving a small bit of money and giving up two second-round picks. The Spurs do not have a ton of floor spacing and would be losing one of their best shooters. Still, Reid is a significant upgrade.

The 6’9 big man has shown flashes of floor spacing and rim protection. He could be an improvement on both ends and a fantastic fit next to Victor Wembanyama. Reid can play inside and out on offense and matchup against the opposition’s largest player.

Grade: A

The San Antonio Spurs are giving up virtually nothing to get Naz Reid. Can he be the starting center the franchise wants next to their teenage prodigy? They are not getting a cheaper price to find out.

Will the San Antonio Spurs acquire a new starting center before the trade deadline? It is something to watch, and fans won’t want to miss a second of Wemby.