Spurs Trade grades: B/R proposes multiple deals for stretch big Naz Reid

Spurs want a center to start next to Victor Wembanyama.
San Antonio Spurs, Naz Reid
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Would Spurs dump Devonte Graham if it meant landing Naz Reid?

The Spurs have to pay Graham $24.7 million over the next two seasons if he stays on their roster, but the 6’1 guard is not part of their long-term future. He has never shot more than 38.2 percent from the field over a full season and struggles mightily on the defensive end of the floor.

Do the Spurs attempt to dump Graham before the deadline? It would mean attaching a draft pick, but is it worth it? San Antonio may look to upgrade their roster and further incentivize a team into taking Graham’s contract. The Timberwolves may do it to clear their center logjam in a deal like this one proposed by Bleacher Report.

Spurs dump Graham for Reid

The pick is top ten protected, but the Spurs would likely be parting with a late lottery pick to get Reid and dump Graham. There is just no point. Reid won't put San Antonio into contention, and the 6’1 point guard will be much easier to move next summer when he is on an expiring contract.

Grade: D

The San Antonio Spurs did not spend in free agency and stockpiled draft picks to dump Devonte Graham and try to contend with Naz Reid? That would not make much sense unless Victor Wembanyama had them in the playoff race as a rookie. This trade cannot be made until Jan. 15, and it seems unlikely that Wemby will be a superstar from the moment he enters the league. There will be growing pains that will keep San Antonio in the lottery in 2024.

Things could be different by the deadline, especially if Naz Reid is not playing much in Minnesota.