Fan's Multi-team Trade Brings Christian Wood to Spurs

Christian Wood
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If you've been keeping up with the news lately, you're probably aware things aren't going well with the Houston Rockets. At just 11-28, not only are they having a rough season, but they're also dealing with team chemistry issues around Christian Wood and Kevin Porter Jr. Perhaps the San Antonio Spurs can be of some assistance?

On Monday, the Rockets suspended both players for poor behavioral issues in a recent home game against the Denver Nuggets. According to a report from The Athletic, Houston assistant coach John Lucas called out Porter and Wood specifically for their play and effort level at halftime. That led to Porter leaving the arena immediately while Wood refused to sub in for the second half of the game. Wood had already been benched for missing a mandator COVID-19 testing window as well.

I know what you're thinking. Wood doesn't exactly seem like a culture fit in San Antonio given what you just read. I can't say I disagree, yet a recent trade suggestion from Pounding the Rock's Ty Jager still caught my attention.

Spurs fan suggests multi-team trade to acquire Christian Wood

We've seen it happen often: a disgruntled player gets to a new environment and all is well again. While Wood wouldn't exactly be on a contending team if he moves to San Antonio, it would certainly serve him better to get him out of -- whatever is going on in Houston.

At first glance, this proposed deal looks like an absolute steal for the Spurs. Getting a 6-10 center who averaged 21 and 10 last season for Thaddeus Young and a first-rounder? It's a no-brainer. When you consider all the options with Young and how he seems destined for a buy-out, the trade sounds even better.

In Houston, Wood is averaging 16.9 points and 10.4 rebounds per game this season. He's also a 36.1% career 3-point shooter, something San Antonio is sorely missing from their big men positions. He would help the Spurs' undersized lineups and ensure they don't get killed on the glass as often as they have been.

The Phoenix Suns, meanwhile, have been rumored to have an interest in Thaddeus Young for months now, as he's just the type of veteran facilitator that can spot them valuable minutes in times of need. The Spurs would also be doing right by him in sending him to a contender at this point in his career.

The Rockets may ask for a bit more for Wood given his skill set, so I wouldn't even mind the Spurs throwing in another pick if that would sweeten the pot.

The obvious question about whether Coach Popovich would clash with Wood would obviously need to be answered, but I have a feeling the Spurs would be able to make it work. After all, they've dealt with big personalities before. If it doesn't work out, they haven't lost too much with the gamble.

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The NBA trade deadline is about a month away, taking place on February 10th at 3 pm ET. Let's hope the Spurs break the trend and see some in-season trade action before then.