San Antonio Spurs: Top 4 Draft Prospects from Texas Schools

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San Antonio Spurs Option No. 3: SF Greg Brown, UT

Texas's Greg Brown is the third-best prospect for the San Antonio Spurs in the 2021 NBA Draft. Playing both a position of need combined with an impressive athletic profile, Greg Brown gives the Spurs a project with a lot of room to grow at the forward position.

Greg Brown had a rollercoaster ride of a freshman season at UT. He had some impressive highs like hitting three 3-point field goals in a four-minute stretch against Texas State but also had plenty of blunders as a facilitator and shot-creator.

Brown is at his best offensively as a glass cleaner. He averaged over six rebounds per game with a defensive rebound percentage that ranks him in the 98th percentile (25.8). In addition, his near two points per game off of second chance opportunities ranked him in the 84th percentile.

While he bakes his bread cleaning the glass, he isn't much of an offensive threat after that. Defensively, it's the same thing. He averaged one block per game and has shown to be a solid rim rotator and help defender, but he's still got a ways to go as an on-ball defender and still relies on his athleticism to carry his play through numerous possessions on either end.

He's much more of an athlete than a fluid basketball player at this point, but there's room for encouragement as you know whatever task is in front of the young prospect, he'll try his hardest to succeed.

The native of Austin, Texas came into college hoops with tons of hype and excitement but proved while the work ethic wasn't a question, his floor and ceiling are still a bit unclear. Sure, Brown can be a superb athlete, but that doesn't translate to wins on the floor.

There's still plenty of room to grow for the young athlete, but as of today with the selection of Greg Brown, he'd be a player who's stashed in the G League for a few seasons before being a nightly contributor for the San Antonio Spurs.

Brown's athleticism was on display on a nightly basis, but he's much more of a project than a known commodity. He wouldn't be San Antonio's best option at pick 12, but if San Antonio received a package where they attained a young asset and a late first-round pick, Brown would be an ideal selection later in the first round or in the second.

While there is a lot of room for growth, Brown's inefficiencies harmed his draft stock after his lone year at UT. There's a lot this kid can learn from, but again, there's room for optimism. With adequate length, a superior athletic profile, and stretches of high motor play on the glass combined with hot shooting stretches, there's potential for Brown to be a swiss-army knife at a significant position of need for the Spurs, power forward.