6 Things Spurs want to see more than wins this season

The Spurs have their sights on rebuilding and maximizing talent over victories.
San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama
San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama / Lucas Peltier-USA TODAY Sports
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The San Antonio Spurs won the draft lottery and selected a historically great prospect in Victor Wembanyama. The 7’3 big man is an elite rim protector who can handle the ball and launch threes. Wemby has the potential to be an all-time great, but the Spurs are in no rush to jump into contention.

They had cap space this summer to add in free agency, but the Spurs decided to accumulate assets instead. The front office jumped in as the third team in trades to acquire more draft picks with unwanted salaries.

San Antonio is comfortable building up slowly around the French prodigy. They are focused on developing their young talent and making the most of it before adding pieces. Gregg Popovich and company are not looking to maximize their win total this season, but they hope to see plenty from their young group.

Things San Antonio Spurs want to see more than wins this season

6. Hornets making playoffs

Charlotte’s 2024 first-round pick got rerouted to the Spurs in the Dejounte Murray trade, but it is protected 1-14 over the next two drafts. If the Hornets make the playoffs in 2024, the Spurs will have their first-rounder to add another young talent or use in a trade.

Charlotte had the fourth-worst record in the NBA last season, but LaMelo Ball only played 36 games. The Hornets won 43 games and lost in the Play-in Tournament in 2022. With a healthy LaMelo and the addition of second-overall pick Brandon Miller, the Hornets could skyrocket back up the standings. They haven’t reached the playoffs since 2016, but do not count them out, especially with the uncertainty in the Eastern Conference.

The San Antonio Spurs hope the Hornets sneak into the playoffs as the eighth seed. It would give them a second top-20 selection to add to their roster or use in a trade to upgrade. The Spurs certainly won’t just be cheering for outside help.