Spurs targeting obvious free-agent option solely for Victor Wembanyama

Yahoo Sports Jake Fischer reports the San Antonio Spurs are interested in Nicolas Batum on the second day of NBA Free Agency.
Victor Wembanyama, Nicolas Batum
Victor Wembanyama, Nicolas Batum / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

The San Antonio Spurs made a splash on the first night of free agency when they acquired former Golden State point guard Chris Paul. It addressed their need for a point guard who can operate the offense at a high level and get the ball to Wembanyama—it addressed the need for a veteran presence. Apparently, they want to add more of that of that vet stuff to the mix, as reported by Jake Fischer.

Nicolas Batum is 35 years old and has played in 69 playoff games in his career. His French connection with Victor Wembanyama will serve to make Victor even more comfortable by giving him a mentor he can relate to on a personal level unique to them. Batum is a professional and has never been known to cause problems in the locker room. The acquisition would have no downside for the culture in the Spurs locker room, and he should be fairly cheap.

Whether he plays significant minutes is a separate conversation. Batum shot 39% from three last season, and the Spurs have had enough bad shooting over the past few seasons to last a lifetime. If he can keep that up, he may be able to break rotation. He's a career 37% shooter from distance, so it's not impossible.

Last season, the Spurs were the youngest team in the league. That youth showed up repeatedly throughout the season, especially in high-leverage moments. If they add Batum on top of the Chris Paul signing, they'll be far from the youngest team in the league. They'll be adding 35 years of NBA experience to the roster, and they'll be better for it.