Spurs: Should we expect Josh Primo's G League stint to last?

San Antonio Spurs Joshua Primo
San Antonio Spurs Joshua Primo / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

The newest San Antonio Spurs guard has only played for six minutes this season and has already heard his name being chanted. Now, Joshua Primo is heading to the Austin Spurs for further development.

The Spurs announced on Wednesday they'd be assigning Primo to the team's G League affiliate for the start of training camp. While that effectively rules him out of playing in any of the road games on their current trip, it doesn't necessarily mean his time away from San Antonio will be extended.

The Austin Spurs began their training camp on Wednesday in San Antonio and aren't tipping their season off until next Friday, Nov. 5th. It's entirely possible Gregg Popovich is sending him to get reps with them before they begin their actual season and bringing him back before they start it. Would I bet on that being the case? Probably not.

Despite many fans wanting to see Primo right away, I can't see Coach Pop throwing the 18-year-old out there for legitimate NBA minutes when he can get experience right away as the man in Austin. As frustrating as that might be to some within the fanbase, it's hard to find much fault in that line of thinking. San Antonio can always call up Josh Primo when he's needed or after they've seen enough from him in Austin.

From what I've seen, Primo seems ahead of his years in maturity, basketball intelligence, and comfort on the court, so I can see why many want him thrown into real game action right now. I think that should be the case eventually this season, but nothing bad can come from a few games in Austin to see what he can really do.

If I were to predict how the San Antonio Spurs handle Primo, I'd say they're going to leave him in Austin for a few games but I wouldn't bet on him staying there the whole time. There's simply too much talent there, and if the Spurs suffer an injury or two or certain guys aren't playing up to par, he'll be ready to fill in.

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Primo might be in Austin for a while, but he probably shouldn't unpack while he's there.