5 Shocking events that could happen to Spurs over the next year

San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama
San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama / Lucas Peltier-USA TODAY Sports
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1. Spurs become title contenders

Add it all up, and this is the only outcome. If Victor Wembanyama becomes a top-five player in the NBA, and the San Antonio Spurs trade for a co-star and another capable starter, they will be in the title race. Expect them to go from 22 wins to somewhere in the 30s this season. With the addition of a second star and another improvement from Wemby, they will be pushing 50 victories and a top-three finish in the Western Conference.

LeBron helped the Cavaliers go from 17 wins to 35 to 42 to 50 in his first four years, but the Spurs have arguably a better supporting cast and the assets to improve faster. They are already five wins ahead, and the addition of a second star could have them to 50 in year two with Wemby.

Fans want nothing more than to see their team back in the mix. They have missed the playoffs four straight years and haven’t advanced beyond the first round since 2017. Getting back into contention feels close, but a ton rests on Victor Wembanyama. Can he become a superstar and lead the Spurs back up the mountain? The French prodigy is ready to embrace that challenge.

What will happen to the San Antonio Spurs over the next year? Can they pull off a blockbuster trade and get back into the title race? Stay tuned to find out.