Spurs Rumors: Is Jakob Poeltl's trade availability a myth?

Jakob Poeltl
Jakob Poeltl / Tim Heitman/GettyImages

Following the surprising Dejounte Murray trade, many have speculated the San Antonio Spurs could be dangling Jakob Poeltl next in a potential move. A recent report suggests that might not be the case.

There's been no shortage of rumors suggesting teams are interested in the 7-1 center. The Toronto Raptors, who originally drafted Poeltl in 2016, have been trying to get him back since the last trade deadline. Meanwhile, the Utah Jazz just parted with their star center and could be looking for a serviceable replacement via a trade with the Spurs.

Given the fact that San Antonio is now in a full rebuild, it would make sense that they're trying to modernize their center position with more of a two-way talent that can shoot from the outside. Still, I've never seen it as a necessity that the Spurs move on from Poeltl entirely given what he brings to the court.

Despite his offensive limitations, Jakob is still one of the best rim protectors and shot-blockers in the league, and there's still a lot of value in that. According to recent intel from Heavy.com, the Spurs feel the same way.

According to the report, many teams have been inquiring about Poeltl at the expense of first round picks or developmental pieces. The Spurs, however, aren't going to let him go without an impactful return.

"The sense we got is that, yes, they’re rebuilding, but they don’t want to burn the thing to the ground and start from there," one general manager told Heavy Sports. "The sense we got is that they ain't moving him" said another league executive.

Does this report mean Jakob Poeltl is definitely staying with the Spurs?

Nothing is a sure thing in today's NBA, and this situation is no different. As the report itself goes on to say, this isn't to say Poeltl absolutely won't be moved this offseason, but it does imply the Spurs' asking price would be high.

This is exactly the approach San Antonio should have. Poeltl still has tremendous value as a role player that can anchor a defense, and I don't see a reason the Spurs should be in a rush to move him just to move him. While the front office may be looking at shifting toward a more modernized frontcourt in the near future, that doesn't mean they should be getting reckless with their current assets.

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I expect Poeltl to still be somewhat available through next year's trade deadline, but I wouldn't expect the Spurs to settle for anything subpar.